The Maja-Gerald-Kim issue has died down a little but it’s not yet fully over. And there are people that just don’t seem to understand where Kim is coming from. Here are two videos that I reccommend that the people who believe Kim is bitter should watch. There is actually three parts but I’ll post it at another time when the video editor uploads it. Kim is not bitter, she’s hurt. And not because she isn’t over Gerald, but because she put so much trust in Maj and didn’t expect her to risk a friendship over her ex boyfriend. Of all the men in the world, her ex.

Part 1 [x]: “She knows Gerald, who Gerald is.”

The video goes back to the Gerald-Pauleen Luna issue, the Gerald-Bea Alonzo issue and finally the Gerald-Maja Salvador issue. You’ll understand why Kim is hurting so much from this. You’ll understand how much pain she went through in the past which made her who she is today. He lied through his teeth every single time and she stood there and took it. And now, she makes her stand.

Part 2 [x]: “Parang kinain nya yung sinabi nya.”

This video is less about Gerald and more about Maja. Watch it because it’s such a great video to show why Kim was so upset when she found everything out. Gerald says “Be happy” and in a recent interview with Maja said.. “I chose to be happy.” 

I just want people to see it from KIM’s perspective. The people that think she’s bitter. Yun lang. It’s sad when people assume she’s not over Gerald or she doesn’t want her friend to be happy, because she is and she does… but at the moment she feels betrayed. And she’s angry not only at the situation, but at the people she trusted the most. As Kim posted on Instagram the other day… "YOU CAN ONLY TRUST YOURSELF."

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