So we all know what the biggest issue is at the moment, this Maja-Gerald-Kim thing. Firstly, I’d watch this interview (x) and read these ones. (1) (2)

The GIFs in this post are from the video I linked above. I think that it’s fair to say I am a Kim Chiu fan and I will always take her side. But let’s not forget that I am a Kimajics fan aswell (Kim and Maja’s names combined). I’ll talk about the video first and then talk about my point of view on this issue which may or may not be bias to some of you.

Okay, so the GIFs don’t say much since she’s smiling, and giggling but with the audio, she’s anything but ‘thrilled’ and ‘overjoyed’ over this huge issue. I will observe the visuals muna and then go into what I could hear/the interviews. Kim’s facial expression changes a countless amount of times, she is first okasy, neutral since the video starts off with an interview about her and Xian. Then the press goes into the issue with Maja and Gerald. She looks like she’s willing to say whatever it is on her mind and whatever it is that is bothering her at the moment. As I said earlier, her voice starts to crack as she speaks and Xian immediately checks over her over and over again to see if she is shedding any tears. Xian gave Kim silent support, he knows not to butt into Kim’s issue but still assures her he has ‘got her back’.

The interviews. I never expected Kim to speak out as much as she did during her individual interview with the press at the Presscon for ‘Ina Kapatid Anak Book 2’. Kim never has intentions to hurt anybody and this year she’s surprising me with her statements. She’s very straight forward and to the point, but she’s not rude about it. Demure pa rin ang pag ka answer nya. #FearlessKimChiuAt2013 

I will copy paste several quotes from article 1 (the link I posted above). This is the first three quotes I spot:

Q1: “For me, I’m happy for them, wala naman pong masama, pareho silang single at maging masaya na lang tayo sa kanilang dalawa. Nakakalungkot lang kasi yung friendship ay nasayang, yeah yung friendship namin ni (Maja).”

Q2: "Nagulat ako, nabigla hindi ko ini-expect na mangyayari ang ganito, bakit? Hindi naman ako bitter. Kung anuman ang nangyayari sa kanila, I’m happy for them, pero parang nalungkot lang ako na yung taong sinabihan ko noong time na down ako eh parang kinain niya lang yung sinabi niya.

Q3: "We are good, we are OK. I don’t care, I don’t care, bahala na siya. She knows Gerald, who Gerald is.”

The big deal about this issue is NOT that Kim is still in love with her ex-boyfriend Gerald, but that her bestfriend, the bestfriend whom she cried to when she broke up with him, is now in the position SHE was in several years ago. To me, I feel like she is worried about Maja and what Gerald can do to her… She knows how both Maja and Gerald are. She knows Maja is someone who can easily get smitten with someone and she knows Gerald is capable of getting Maja to fall for him. She emphasises “She knows Gerald, who Gerald is.” kasi nga Kim went to Maja for comfort. Kim vented to Maja about Gerald. And she expects Maja to know better than go for the man, OF ALL THE MEN IN THE WORLD, for the one that broke her heart.

She asked permission and I said, bakit kailangan pang magpaalam eh wala na ako kay Gerald, wala na talaga. Naano lang ako na ang daming nagtatanong sa akin about Gerald, bakit? Ang tagal na, ang dami ng babaeng dumaan after ako, hindi lang ako.

Maja asked permission. Fair enough. Maja also said in HER interview that Kim knew everything and all the activities she was doing with Gerald. Okay, fine. But, as Maja was asking Kim, I have a feeling KIM WARNED HER. Kasi nga, paulit ulit si Kim na “Maja knows Gerald, who he is.” Kim knows how Gerald works. They were together for FOUR years! Of course she knows how he works. Kim is more than anything, CONCERNED FOR HER FRIEND. And Kim’s point is, Maja can date Gerald, but she warned her about the things Ge is capable of doing. Kim hates that Ge has the ability to hurt Maja the way Ge hurt her….IF the whole romance blossoms of course.

Now, let’s switch the roles. I know that Maja would not want Kim dating Matteo, her ex-boyfriend. I know that for sure. I know how awkward Maja would feel and that’s the issue with this. Maja should be considerate enough to know what Kim went through noon. FOUR YEARS EH. Oo, okay naman si Kim ngayon but it’s hard to forget FOUR YEARS of your life, FOUR YEARS of which you practially dedicated to your boyfriend. Maja also said she INVITED Kim to that Misibis vacation…. Oops. You’re putting Kim in an awkward situation now.

There is also talk this may be PROMO for ‘Ina Kapatid Anak’ and Gerald’s project ‘OTJ’ where Maja is apparently his leading lady. If that is so, it’s the lowest type of promo possible. A friendship was ruined because of this. I don’t think ABS-CBN is that bad to let a beautiful friendship go like that. Since December pa ang gap ni Kim and Maja and everybody who is in the personal lives of the two ladies is reacting as if it is a serious and REAL matter. It’s time and breath wasted kung PROMO lang ito. But we’ll just have to wait and see kung ano ba talaga ngyayari…

"Sa mga bashers, tama na po, let’s be happy for the both of them. Kung nagmamahalan man sila, kung anuman ang nararamdaman nila sa isa’t isa, maging masaya na lang po tayo."

The bashing. I do not agree with the negative labels affiliatied with Gerald and Maja at the moment as I believe they aren’t helping the situation. All the text above is solely MY OPINION. I love Maja still, maybe my love for her is on shakey ground… but I still have respect for her. If she really does like Ge and they really are ‘a thing' then I hope things work out for them. But, until I hear Gerald's side, scripted or not, lies or not, I’ll just say… Kim and Maja have been through a lot, and it will not be ruined because of one man. 

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