I loved Kimerald at one stage for a very long time and even wished for them to get back together after the whole fiasco. But then Xian came along with his flowers, his s i n c e r i t y and his e f f o r t and it made me love him so much for Kim. Both men are exceptionally good at what they do, and both men are two of the most respected actors in Showbiz at the moment. Comparing them would be a crime. They are both civil and friendly with one another and even hang out together with Kim in between them. There’s no issue so I wish fans would stop making one… I ship Kim and Xian but it’s still Kim’s choice at the end of the day. Fans should only support decisions not dictate them… from what I can see, Xian makes Kim happy and vice versa. She says he is the closest man to her heart and says they are happy together. With Gerald, I feel like they are the greatest of friends and their love is nothing but platonic. I feel that their friendship with one another is so beautiful and I could never wish anything or anyone to ruin what they have and what they HAD. She says that her heart is closed to him, r o m a n t i c a l l y. She’s ready to write another chapter in her life, and I’m hoping this next chapter is with Xian.

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