♥ 2008 | MY ONLY HOPE | APRIL AND KEENO: Sigh. Sweetness overload. This was the second scene where Keeno is with April ever since he returned home from jail to which he was sent to, for doing something he didn’t do, and this was also before they found out about Keeno having cancer. April states all the parts of his face that she missed ever since he left, and follows her statement by kissing that particular part. After April did not mention his lips, Keeno smiles and puts on a cheeky grin. "Eh yung lips ko? Hindi mo ba namiss?" April pretends to think about it for a while, and she then shakes her head, indicating an obvious ‘no’. Keeno then smiled and laughed as he lifted her into his arms and began to playfully spin her around. She screamed his name in delight several times and Keeno finally placed her back on to her own two feet. Afterward, they faced each other, looked into each others eyes and surrendered to sweet bliss as their lips gently touched in a sweet, passionate kiss. I’ll just say, for the entire scene, I did not see them as JUST ‘April and Keeno’ but also as ‘Kim and Gerald’. All their playfulness on screen is what you might see off screen. It’s definitely a sight to watch, since their both VERY makulit. ♥ - KSYCHIU | TUMBLR

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    ♥ 2008 | MY ONLY HOPE | APRIL AND KEENO: Sigh. Sweetness overload. This was the second scene where Keeno is with April...
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