"Oo… binabayaran mo ‘ko. Dahil kailangan ko ang pera mo. Pero kung hindi naman dahil sa akin, hindi ka naman magkakaroon ng pera. So sa madaling salita, mas kailangan mo ako. Tama ba ako?"

They’re so comfortable with hugging and holding hands (sway-sway pa) in front of people when they’re in the US. Oh, to be young and away from home with the one person you want to be with.

When they’re not here in the Philippines, they’re more able to freely show their affection for each other. You stay there forever, sweethearts!

"I couldn’t wish for anything more. I’m thankful for everything I have in my life right now. I don’t think I have to wish, I’m already happy." - Kim Chiu 

The way they look at one another.

"Ui first kiss ‘to. Dapat nga matuwa ka pa. Kunyari ka pa, gusto mo rin naman."

My queen + green | Rejoice

The most adorable couple ever. I can’t.

Kapit-kapit din, Kimmy. :)


Bride for Rent Deleted Scene: In this scene, Rocky signs her contract with Rocco and his friends.

Tulala at pasimpleng amoy sa kamay after the handshake. Bless you, Rocky dela Cruz. Haha!

Shall we look back? 


Rocky’s auditions.

Kim Chiu is the most adorable human being ever! Love her so much!


He wasn’t happy that he was marrying her. But one wink and she gets him to smile.

Bride for Rent, 2014.

Gawaing KimXi: Kurutan, bulungan, at tawanan.

I don’t know what he whispered to her but she must have liked it enough to caress his nape. Haha! Cuties.