Kim and Xian’s Movie Kisses.

There’s nothing like realising you want to spend the rest of your life with the beautiful person standing beside you ♥ 

Brangelina ng Pilipinas 


"Masayang kinwento ni Kim Chiu ang nakakakilig na surpresa ni Xian para yayain siyang maka-date sa ball."

She never went to a regular high school and thus never got to experience getting invited to the prom or to a school dance. He wanted her to experience it. What a special guy.

Kim and Xian | 8th Star Magic Ball 

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim slaying the 8th Star Magic Ball

He surprised her at the set of Ikaw Lamang asked her to be his date for the Star Magic ball. He never fails to surprise her. :)


"We just do our own private thing and it’s up to the people to decide what they get from it." - Xian, Preview Magazine

My babiessss. So pretty.

Yes, I am their mommy. I love these two so much I would adopt them if I were rich haha! :D

Bride for Rent Bloopers.


ako’y sayo lamang ❤

Both of them think they’re the sweet one in the relationship, both of them think the other is the more temperamental one in the relationship… But they both agree that Xian is the more possessive one. Haha!

But Ogie asks the more important question: Why would he be jealous if they’re not in a relationship?

In a parallel universe, these two are my very own Anastasia and Christian.

Xian’s Birthday Celebration at ASAP. 


: Tuwang tuwa ako dito. Kylangan na talaga kasi nilang magbitaw kasi may nag papapicture PERO AYAW PA!